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Insurance is protection against things that can go wrong. It’s the “glue” that has kept our modern economy going for hundreds of years, but sometimes disputes arise as to whether a claim is covered or how it should be handled. We represent both insurance companies and policyholders in disputes regarding most forms of insurance. From helping clients obtain insurance to suing insurance companies for “bad faith” denials of policy and coverage benefits, we help our clients recover compensations they rightly deserve in the following areas of practice:

  • “Bad Faith” Claims

  • Coverage Advice (Including negotiation insurance, reviewing existing policies, and presenting claims)

  • Insurance Litigation Issues

  • Business Income, CGL, D&O, E&O, Property (business and homeowner’s), & Title Insurance

  • Insurance Broker Claims

Business Income Coverage Claim

  • Represented insurer being sued for business income coverage following a major flood at its offices. Defeated “bad faith” claim by dispositive pre-trial motion and obtained favorable appraisal award.


Environmental Coverage Claim

  • Represent liability insurer being sued for environmental coverage, including defense of administrative investigations and cleanup orders. Prevailed at trial court by summary judgment, which was affirmed on appeal.


Coverage and Bad Faith Claims for Insureds

  • Represented numerous businesses and individual insureds seeking coverage for various claims against them, including for invasion of privacy, construction damages, and failure to settle personal injury claims. For example, recently represented client being sued by former romantic partner. Obtained full insurance coverage, including 100% of settlement and my attorney’s fees paid by insurer, and in over 95% of the insurance matters for policyholders, obtained policy benefits and favorable results.


Title Insurance

  • Represented both insurers and policyholders under owners and loan policies for almost every type of claim, including missed deeds and documents, easements, and mechanic’s liens.

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